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K–12 Health Education That Works!

HealthSmart Overview

HealthSmart Curriculum

Lessons are easy to use, with clear, concise teaching steps focused on the essential concepts and skills that will enable students to develop, practice and support specific healthy behaviors. Activities are developmentally appropriate, challenge students in a variety of ways, and accommodate a range of learning styles. Schools can teach the comprehensive program or select only the grades and/or subjects they need.

The HealthSmart curriculum is available for K-5, Middle School, and High School. Choose a grade span to learn more about what's included.

HealthSmart K-12

The HealthSmart 3-Part Background Series

The HealthSmart Approach

Whether you're reviewing curricula for adoption or opening your HealthSmart materials for the first time, these overviews will show you how the program works.

Introductory Video

Looking for a quick
preview of

Here's a 90-second introductory video about this evidence-informed, skills-based health education program.

Orientation Video

Need a more in-depth
overview of

This 14-minute video provides an orientation to the many features of the program and how it promotes healthy behaviors.

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HealthSmart Overview

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